Directory of Mendocino Coast Animal Welfare Resources

Contact information for agencies and organizations dedicated to the welfare of wildlife and companion animals on California's Mendocino Coast

Helping Wild Animals and Birds

To help a sick or injured wild animal or bird either call a veterinarian for referral to a rescue organization that assists the kind of bird or animal in question or contact one of the groups listed below.

Most wildlife organizations do not provide services to pick up sick or injured wild animals or birds. They rely on you to bring it to their location and can explain how to safely capture and transport the animal or bird.  Never drop off an animal or bird at a location, unless instructed to do so.

The most common call for wildlife assistance is for seemingly abandoned fawns. Mother deer leave fawns in a shady nest during the day, so they are generally hidden rather than abandoned. Wildlife experts advise, “Do not not touch, pick it up or remove it. Leave it alone and leave the area – even if you do not see an adult deer nearby.”

  Local wildlife resources include:

  • BIRD RESCUE CENTER: A rehabilitation center for Sonoma and Mendocino County wild native bird species. 707.523.2473(BIRD), Santa Rosa CA
  • WOODLANDS WILDLIFE RESCUE: Cares for injured and orphaned wildlife on the Mendocino Coast by referral through local veterinary offices, Fish & Game, Mendocino County Sheriff and their answering services. email:
  •  WILDCARE: Provides care for ill, orphaned or injured wild animals, and nature/environmental education for children and adults. 415.456.7283, San Rafael CA,
  •  SONOMA COUNTY WILDLIFE RESCUE: Rescues and rehabs injured and orphaned wildlife, also offers humane removal of wildlife from personal spaces like gardens, attic, crawlspace etc. 707.526.9453(WILD) 24-hour rescue hotline,

There are not enough rescue organizations licensed to help the abundant wildlife that lives in or near our rural communities; as a result it may not be possible to help every wild animal or bird in distress.  Many wildlife rescuers work out of their home, volunteer their services and are not available 24 hours a day. Please respect their capabilities, they often specialize in certain species of wildlife and have limits on the number of animals they can accept and properly care for.  Always be courteous and mindful of this when calling for their assistance.

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